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Company Profile

Muzoradio.com is a small company with big ideas and bigger dreams looking to take the world by storm!

Muzo Radio.com (Muzo Radio Podcast, LLC.) is a brand new, 24/7 365 online radio station located in Columbus, Ohio. We started out specializing in hosting online podcast talks shows in Caribbean languages with listeners in the Caribbean, Brazil, Canada and Europe. We are pleased to announce that we are now expanding our presence listener and viewership into the United States starting with Columbus Ohio; through the creation of the Muzo Radio Community Expansion Project.

Our current entities include:

www.muzoradio.com also found on itunes, google play and tuned in


The Muzo Radio Community Expansion Project will consist of a variety of upscale community/charity events as well as creating opportunities for public appearances at festivals, fairs and bazaars with the purpose of promoting the Muzo Radio brand as well as the online podcast and television shows within our growing platform.

We host shows that have positive messages, shows that bring awareness to social concerns, shows that are safe for the family to listen to. We are very much interested in the development of first career seekers. The majority of our shows are hosted by recent under and graduate students with degrees ranging from Business Administration, Fashion Merchandising to Journalism.

Our current shows are listed below:

Uncut Mondays from. 7-9pm
C.R.E.A.M. Fridays from 8-10pm
Bouvier T.V. Thursdays from 6-7p
C4YS Fridays from 6-7p
Daughters of Elyon Tuesdays from 6-7p
All Play Wednesdays from 5-7pm

Job Description

The Sponsorship Acquisition Team Member position is a member of our Business Development Department. Our Business Development Department is responsible for achieving targeted revenue, maximizing business opportunities and for the ongoing development and growth of sales across Muzo Radio.com

The Sponsorship Acquisition Team Member or Sponsorship Sales Executive, will work with all department heads to ensure the effective management of sponsor/partner activity, as well as the acquisition of new and retention of existing partnership and sponsorship agreements.

The Sponsorship Acquisition Team is also responsible for all advertising and sponsorship agreements – both the acquisition of new and retention of existing advertisers. The Sponsorship Acquisition Team Members will also be responsible for ensuring the effective management of all sales activity. The role has an external focus, as it will be one of the main points of contact for sponsors and partners; however, it also has an internal focus, making sure that agreements are implemented and managed within the Muzo Radio Podcast, LLC. business operation.

The Position

As our Sponsorship Acquisition Team Member or Sponsorship Sales Executive, you will be responsible for the planning and implementation of sponsorship and partner activities for Muzo Radio Podcast, LLC. including general company sponsorship and partner activity, and specific activity in events and other. You will also be responsible for the co-planning, development and management of sponsorship strategy (working with the general manager) and for the day-to-day management of sponsorship activity and activation. They will work closely with the general manager to create and issue contracts that benefit the business and to ensure effective implementation of contract terms. They will look for, create and manage other partner-related activity and projects. In addition, the role is responsible for meeting and exceeding personal sales targets and maximizing sales of products and services.

The Sponsorship Acquisition Team Member or Sponsorship Sales Executive is also responsible for providing excellent customer service, building positive business relationships and working with staff to ensure that any agreements/commitments are delivered within appropriate time frames.


In order to qualify for this position, you MUST HAVE or be able to do ALL the following:

A mininmum of an Associates Degree in Business Administration or Marketing. A Bachelor's Degree is strongly preferred

A minimum of 2 years of verifiable Sponsorship Acquisition and Business Development Experience in a radio station or fundraising specialist role

To work at full time 9a-3pm schedule immediately upon being made an offer for employment

work in a commissioned sales position in an environment where you were responsible for acquiring your own prospects and managing your deals from beginning to end.

a clean federal background check

Your own reliable, insured transportation

high moral character

be able to work in a collaborative team environment

Total Comp. $55,000.00

More helpful info: www.dadomatch.com/job

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