Company Profile

Patten Energy is a diversified energy marketing firm. We market natural gas, propane, petroleum and petroleum products to utilities, fleets, industrial and commercial markets. In 2005,has more than 30 years experience in the industry. Patten expanded to include services such as IT, environmental remediation and hazardous waste.

Job Description

The purpose of this position is to provide analysis, definition and documentation for the design and testing of enhancements or new applications being developed to ensure that correct business functionality, requirements, and industry quality assurance standards are addressed within systems or applications selected or built.


-Determine and document user requirements for business processes and abide by those requirements for future projects.
-Proactively identifies improvement opportunities in assigned process area.
-Facilitates team meetings and working sessions.
-Involves and frequently communicates with key stakeholders to ensure continuous support for the project.


-Excellent communicator with the aptitude to lead teams.
-Able to understand the dynamics of change management and be willing to be a leader of change.
-Able to demonstrate respect for all individuals.
-Able to operate a personal computer, either desktop or laptop.
-Able to function successfully in environment with moderate pressure to meet deadlines.

Base Comp. $25,000.00

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