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Company Profile

BombBomb makes it easy to use simple videos to build relationships through email, text and social media.

Our team is scrappy and intelligent.

Competitive and collaborative.

Fun-loving and tenacious.

We're close-knit and love adding new talent to the mix.

Our offices feature a stunning view of the Rockies that inspire us everyday. We work in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, which boasts fresh air, low cost of living, and ridiculous outdoor adventures in our backyard. BombBomb offers a unique solution for our target markets and we want you to be a part of the tremendous growth we are experiencing. BombBomb is more than just a product we're proud to sell, it's foundational to our vision of rehumanizing communication.

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Job Description

We are looking for "A-player" Inside Sales Reps who possess the following:

Experience closing deals and consistently getting to "YES."
Experience in customer acquisition.
Experience with transactional, short sales cycle ("one-call close" is your middle name).
Confidence in articulating your sales cycle and process.
Drive to succeed and empower our customers with solutions.
Coachability. You take criticism well, learn from mistakes, and seek continuous improvement.
Resilience. You easily bounce back from rejection and maintain a positive outlook.
Hunter mentality. You live for the thrill of the chase and getting past "no."
Integrity. You have a deep respect for the innate value of people and you live BombBomb's Core Values.


Minimum 1 year of sales or customer service experience. Clear verbal communication skills. Social, teachable and fearless.

Base Comp. $35,000.00
Total Comp. $80,000.00

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