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We help kids build confidence and positive motivation with a unique book called I'm So Proud Of and we send the books for free by offering sponsorship opportunities to businesses.

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If you’re looking for a sales position with amazing growth and great money, then read this entire listing and contact us today.

Our company is called ISPO Sponsors and we’re looking for sales reps who want to get started now and enjoy a lifetime of fun, helping kids and making great money.

We own the Trademark to a very unique child motivational and confidence building book called I’m So Proud Of®.

We’ve been selling this book since 2014 and now we’re going to start giving the books away for free and have businesses sponsor our site and book.

You will NOT be selling books. You’ll be selling site sponsorships which are extremely easy to sell because EVERY business wants to help kids and get more traffic to their website at the same time.

The site sponsorship can be sold to any business and there are over 60,000 businesses in the Northern Virginia area alone to sell to and another 45,000 businesses in the Southern Maryland area.

Real estate agents, lawyers, doctors, mechanics, restaurants, house cleaners, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, painters, remodelers, retail stores, banks, mortgage brokesr, you name it, they will want to be part of this sponsorship.

The site sponsorship ads will sell for $127 per year but you’ll be able to offer your clients a $30 discount and an additional year for free, so their total price is only $97 for two years. This is an exceptional bargain and you’ll make $40 per sale that will be bumped up to $47 per sale if you sell 10 or more per week.

Any decent full time sales rep will be able to sell 30 – 50 per week without breaking a sweat and as you’ll see below, there are even more opportunities for those who get started with us now.

We’re looking for full time or part time reps. Those who do the best will be promoted very quickly to Territory Managers where you’ll be given a territory and be responsible for hiring and managing reps to sell that territory.

Yes, we want to expand across the country at light speed and you can manage your reps from anyplace.

An additional company promotion will be to that of Sponsorship Manager for our book sponsors. In addition to the site sponsorships we will be selling to larger companies who will actually place sponsor ads in the books we will send for free.

There will be exceptional money for the Sponsorship Managers as we will do a minimum of 4 mailings per year with 19 sponsorship ads for each mailing.

Commissions on these ads will range from $3,000 to $5,000 per ad and because our product is so unique and cannot be duplicated by anyone, selling the sponsorship ads will not be difficult either. Sponsorship managers will be able to make 3 – 5 sales or more per month.

In addition we will be working with all the major sport teams and leagues to do special mailings on their behalf as well as mailings for a variety of other entities.

We’ve been perfecting our process for the last 6 months and have everything ready to roll so you can hit the ground running and start making money immediately.

We’re now ready to hire great, motivated reps who want to make a difference, make great money and move up in the company quickly.

This is an exciting sales position, amazing product and unlimited opportunity that will only grow and grow because the world will never run out of children to help and businesses will always want to be part of something positive and professional.

Why is this commission only? The initial position is commission only because I want people who are hungry and will get out of the gate quickly. As you move up in the company, you can move to salaried positions or salary with commissions or stay commission only.

Our initial commission structure is very high and we’re going to pay you every week. We have a process in place that will work for you and work very well for you and if you believe in yourself and you’re not afraid to talk with people, then you will do exceptionally well with us.

If you’re ready to get started, then let’s get started.

Call me at the number below or text me your name and number and I will call you. If you get my VM, leave me a message and I will call you back.

Darryl Graham 703-350-7976

You can also submit your resume and I will get back to those who are qualified.
Send your resume to:


Here’s what we’re looking for:
* At least one year of sales experience in B2B sales.
* The ability for you to start now so we can get nationwide sooner rather than later.
* People with contacts and people who know how to use their circle of influence to get contacts or want to learn to use their circle of influence as we can teach this to you.
* Decision makers and people who can think on their feet and outside the box. You are going to have a lot of flexibility in this position and there won’t be any micro managing or looking over your shoulder.
* People who want to have fun, have an outgoing personality and boundless energy.

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