Outside Sales Representative

Company Profile

• We are Houston’s fastest growing real estate investment company and we need to expand our core team! We have experienced explosive growth over the last couple years and it’s time for us to expand. We are looking for an A player to join our team of A players to add more value and contribute to the continued success and growth of our company.
• Senna House Buyers is a company that buys distressed real estate to renovate and sell retail. We purchased 130 houses last year and we will do over 250 this year. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we are passionate about our industry and have a foundation built on ethics and integrity that keep us focused on the needs of our customers and delivering a quality product.
• Want to learn more about us? Check out this video!
• http://www.fortunebuilders.com/student-stories/sam...

Job Description

We are looking for a highly competitive individual to join our team and buy houses. We buy houses from homeowners direct, and often in need of large repairs. The homeowners will range across all demographics so you must be able to communicate with people effectively. Our clients are often in very high emotional distress and they need help. We are there to help them in any way we can. You must have a passion for helping others and pushing yourself to be the best.

The successful candidate’s responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
• Handle incoming leads from our marketing efforts via phone and email (WE HAVE TOO MANY LEADS!)
• Meet with homeowners face to face to evaluate property condition
• Negotiate with homeowner to purchase home
• Manage follow up within our CRM system and follow up vigorously
• Market property for sale and meet potential buyers at property to negotiate sale
• Client support through the close of the sale


• Passion for your career
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Competitive mindset and have the need to become the BEST sales person in our company
• Positive, enthusiastic and motivated outlook
• Must take survey and answer all questions in application to be considered

More helpful info: www.dadomatch.com/job

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