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Company Profile

Ata Translation Agency is an international human translation company providing translation, localization, and interpretation services in more than 300 languages with a global team of more than 10,000 language experts.

We use a combination of cloud-based communication systems, emphasis on human translators’ attention to emotion and style, and a selective process to help us deliver premium technical translations in a variety of sectors like medicine, law, energy, business, and more. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Job Description

ATA Translation Agency Are Looking for a Account Manager!

The Ata Translation Agency works with teams created from the most accurate interpreters on the projects to provide high quality translation services. Hundreds of high quality translation, interpretation, and localization services are available.

In terms of terminology such as education, health, immigration, etc., we carry out human translation processes while we promise these documents which are very valuable to you.

We are looking for the Accounting Manager, the second language! We need three people. Detailed information is available at url. If interested, please:


Base Comp. $20,000.00
Total Comp. $50,000.00

More helpful info:

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