IT Project Manager (Consultant)

Company Profile

Are you ready to pioneer success for your career? Alpha BPO is looking for IT Sales Professionals for our business, Alpha BPO is an Outsourcing business that caters hundreds of businesses including solutions for retailers, development firms, marketing businesses through providing solutions for unique software, data processing, social media marketing, creating websites, as well as general sourcing.

Job Description

As an IT sales specialist with Alpha BPO, you may be determined to concentrate on a particular area of technology. The career structure may vary over time-based upon experience and focus performance.


Roles & Responsibilities: In order to have a successful career, focus is required.
Answering any technical questions the client might have
Engaging initial sales meetings and meeting the client
Determining a client's business requirements and whether the products being considered are suitable
Advising on key software features and how they can be applied to assist in a variety of contexts such as accounting, manufacturing or other specialist areas
Managing workload in order to prioritize weekly goals
Decide whether the software or hardware needs adapting to meet the client's needs
Responding to tender documents, writing proposals, reports and supporting literature
Identifying and developing new business through networking and courtesy and follow-up calls
Presenting your projects to our technical team to act on, and then to the client throughout the duration of the project

Qualifications & Skills: This area of work is open to all graduates, but a degree may be useful to the following:
Business Information Systems
Business Management
Computer Science
Analytical Business Comprehension
Customer Service Skills
Persuasive and influential verbal communication skills
Technical understanding of new technologies like OCR as well as benefits
A Valid Driver’s Licence

Base Comp. $5,000.00

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